Theme Issue Call for Submissions: “Where Thou Art”

Emily Dickinson

Where Thou art—that—is Home—
Cashmere—or Calvary—the same—
Degree—or Shame—
I scarce esteem Location’s Name—
So I may Come—
Emily Dickinson, “Untitled” (725)

Home. It’s where “your story begins” and where about a statistical third of Americans wind up dying. Home is “where the heart is;” home is the “nicest word there is;” and home is “wherever I’m with you.” Home is also one of the few true universals in a world constructed on difference and division. Everyone is from somewhere. Every life that takes place on this earth must also by necessity ‘takes place’ on this earth. We are all just chapters in the greater ongoing stories of our homes. So why not share your story of home with our readers? And, better question, why not cash in on it?

Buffalo Almanack is excited to announce and open submissions for “Where Thou Art,” our first theme issue! Where thou art…that’s a double question when you think of it. Not only do we want to know where you come from, what’s it like or why you love it/hate it, but we also want to know how your connection to that place informs your artistic vision today. As such, we’ve expanded our horizons to include creative non-fiction in addition to our usual fare of short stories and the visual arts. From flag-bunted photos of main street that would make the Chamber of Commerce proud to charcoal sketches of the neighborhood cemetery where you and Melissa Adams used to smoke pot after geometry – from subtle fiction that speaks to the essential Ohioness of Ohio, or a documentary essay that explains precisely where Schenectady is and why we’re all pronouncing it wrong, there are no wrong approaches. Nor are you limited to the United States! Curse our Americentric arrogance – we want to hear about the places near and dear to you, even if they’re thousands of miles away from us.

What’s in it for you? Well, why don’t we sweeten the pot a bit and double those Inkslinger payouts – $100 apiece to the best work of writing and visual art – and a $50 consolation prize to a third runner-up of either genre? Sounds good to us!

Everybody on the planet is eligible, no entry cost is required, and you have plenty of time to prepare – subs will remain open from March to November of 2015. Most of our general submission guidelines apply here as well. Visit our submissions page to file your entry, and feel free to direct any questions to us by email.

Welcome home, dear readers…it doesn’t matter where you are, because you’ve never really left.

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