Buffalo Almanack is proud to adopt outstanding reader-submitted fiction, visual art and book reviews for inclusion in both our digital journal and online archives. The typical submission can expect a response time of one month, though this waiting period may be extended without notice due to outside editorial obligations. You may consult with our handy buffalo helper below for a more precise estimation of our present response time, though note that the buffalo’s wisdom may at times come bearing a slight margin of error. Please note that due to the unending sisyphean nightmare that is editorship, we are no longer able to provide personalized rejection messages.

New issues are released quarterly, in March, June, September and December. We are not a regularly paying market, though we do offer a $50 prize for the best of each issue through our Inkslinger Award for Creative Excellence. In addition, we are not a market for poetry. Please familiarize yourself with the following information prior to sending us your work.

(P.S. – Don’t be scared! We feel a bit of love for everything that passes across our desk, even if we can’t offer room for it all.)


The successful submission runs anywhere between 250 and 7,500 words, but never feels a sentence longer or shorter than it ought to.

We accept simultaneous submissions, provided you notify us A.S.A.P. if your piece is picked up elsewhere. We do not accept materials previously published in North American markets, regardless of that market’s reach or notoriety. We will, however, read translations of previously published non-English pieces. Please do not submit more than one fiction piece at a time and please wait at least one month between submissions. You may, however, submit fiction and visual artwork together.

The greatest detail of note here is that you must not include your name anywhere in your document. As a matter of editorial ethics, we insist on reading all submissions blind. This is both to guard against favoritism, and to ensure that all artists, no matter how published, receive an equal shake. Beyond this, we ask only that you double-space. There are no other specific formatting requirements.


Don’t sweat the cover letters. Due to our blind reading policy, we can’t read them until after a decision has been reached on your submission. If you’d like to leave the cover letter input box blank, that’s fine too. We do like hearing what you have to say, and getting to know our submitters a bit better! That space belongs to you. Use it as you please. It will not have any impact — positive or negative — on the standing of your submission.


Buffalo Almanack is open to submissions in fiction eight months of the year. Submissions will be closed for the entirety of each calendar month following the release of a regular, quarterly issue. Which is to say:

Open (send ’em on in!): February, March, May, June, August, September, November, December
Closed (easy there, cowpoke): January, April, July, October

Submissions in other genres will remain open year-round.

Art and Photography

You may submit anywhere between one and 25 photographs. We typically will not accept more than three to five images per photographer unless part of a larger essay.

To ensure ease of submission and a high-quality finished product, we ask that photos be sized so that at least one dimension meets or exceeds 1000px. at 72ppi. Photos should arrive in .jpg or .png format and under 5mb, though we will accept .tif, or various other formats as needed, as well as zipped folders for photo essays. If your submission cannot be processed by our online file management system, please email it and your cover letter directly to

Please do not include your name in the file title.

Good news! Buffalo Almanack is now accepting visual art outside of the photographic genre. Hand-drawn illustration, digital compositions, mixed media, painted prints and more are all welcome for consideration! Heck, even audio and video presentations are welcome here! Recorded performance art!? WHY NOT. If you can print it in a magazine or post it on a website, it’s probably right up our alley.

Whatever you’ve got, send it our way via Submittable. And if the submission form can’t process your file, shoot it over to us by email at

Please do not include your name in the file title



Buffalo Almanack is happy to accept unsolicited proposals for book reviews. To be considered, please submit at least one sample of prior criticism or another form of expository writing.

If there is a particular title you would like to review, please let us know. Otherwise, we will be happy to supply you with one. All necessary book purchases will be reimbursed by the editors up to $25. We prefer all titles for critique to be either newer releases (released within the past 365 days), or revisited classics (ten years old or more).

If you are an author or publisher and would like us to review your latest title, please contact us at



Buffalo Almanack reserves the right to make minor changes to your written work to ensure a uniform grammatical style for our journal (or at least something close to it). More significant textual revisions may also be suggested at our discretion. Authors will always have the option to refuse these changes and we will never alter work without your approval. We pledge to work closely with you to ensure your original vision is not disrupted.

Buffalo Almanack requests First North American Serial rights for all accepted short stories. By consenting to our offer of publication, you agree to relinquish the rights to distribute your work for a period of one to eight months (until we have featured your work in a public fashion) and for an additional period of three months thereafter (until the release of our next issue). After this point, the rights revert back to you in full and you are free to reprint in any medium of your choosing. We request, however, that, as a matter of courtesy, future printings recognize Buffalo Almanack’s status as the original publisher.

We realize Duotrope now operates on a paid subscription platform, but please, if you are a member, be a champ and report your submission. If you aren’t familiar with Duotrope, have a look behind that link. It’s an invaluable resource for writers everywhere.

Those accepted (in all genres) are asked to submit a short third-person biography (25-100 words), along with a clean, relatively high-definition headshot in the .jpg format. We encourage you to utilize this feature to show off your personality and promote your presence in the artistic community.

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