Maxine Allison Vande Vaarst is a scholar, writer and critic, as well as the founding editor of Buffalo Almanack. She has lectured at conferences from Paris to Toronto, and her newest essay appears in South Dakota History. She has an M.A. in American Studies from the University of Wyoming, and is now pursuing a PhD. in that same field from the University of North Carolina. Maxine is a proud transgender woman, and an even prouder daughter of the great(est) state of New Jersey.

She is an unapologetic fan of the New York Jets and doesn’t care that you know this.

Katherine Morrison serves as Visual Arts Editor for Buffalo Almanack. She received her M.A. in Art History from the University of Colorado and is presently committed to spreading her love for art throughout Indiana, through her work with both the Tippecanoe Arts Federation and Purdue University. Her research tracks issues of race, violence, and urban identity in American photography. Katie is an avid cat enthusiast and possesses a deep passion for iced coffee.

John Gummere serves as Illustrator for Buffalo Almanack. He operates Studio 264, a graphic design studio serving businesses, institutions and non-profits coast-to-coast. Illustration has long been his specialty, and he works in a variety of media and styles depending on what is most suitable for his client’s needs. He received his B.A. in Architecture from Columbia University in 1977 and lives in Philadelphia.

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