Roberto Bettacchi

Roberto Bettacchi
Inkslinger Award Winner
Issue No. 3 – March 2014
Issue No. 6 – December 2014

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Nikon D5000

“The shots are part of a series taken during a weekend I spent in Florence last January. Walking in the alleys of this wonderful city, you dive back centuries into the Renaissance. You can relive that mood not just by looking to the magnificent facades of old buildings, but also tasting some of the traditional dishes, such a trippa e lampredotto – tripe and lamprey. The full experience is a real rebirth!”

“As you know, Italy is a peninsula and therefore has thousands of kilometers of coastline with a myriad of beautiful beaches. Some are attended by VIPs or are private beaches of exclusive clubs. The beaches represented by this series, captured in eastern Sicily, are frequented by ordinary people. Sometimes in order to reach them you have to walk along trails under the hot sun that become crowded in the summer.”

Roberto BettacchiRoberto Bettacchi is an Italian hobbyist fine art photographer (street, scapes, travel). Born in Rome, where he lives. Photography is one of his great passions. He loves to freeze moments of life, causing emotions. Usually he shoots in raw format, personally taking care of the digital enhancing process.

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