Pushcart Prize Nominees, 2015

How to decide the ‘best’ story of 2015? It’s a challenging question. Every year, Buffalo Almanack publishes sixteen original works of fiction—sixteen out of the several thousand that we receive in our submissions inbox. These are the crème de la crème, signifying only the most provocative, only the most moving, only the most humorous and only the most well-crafted stories to land on our desk. This year that meant black comedies like Eric Boehling Lewis’s “Pressure Flaking,” and dreams of escape, like Jessica Barksdale’s “Caught.” It meant half-drunk vignettes of summer sadness, like Anna Schott’s “North Fork of the Yuba River,” and junior detective adventures like Dan Moore’s “The Big Sleep Together.” In all, we published sixteen stories this year, and every one of them was its own kind of masterpiece.

Yet Pushcart Press has come calling once more, and we must choose.

Unique among literary magazines, it is the policy of Buffalo Almanack to select only one story each year for Pushcart nomination, rather than use all six nominations allotted to us. This is in part because of the small candidate pool, and in part because we want this honor to mean as much as it can. We want our nominee to know that their work truly stood above the others, and ranks conclusively as our “Story of the Year.”

This time around, that story is “Collaboration Horizontale,” by Erica X Eisen. Those of you who have read it will know that this is a greatly deserved prize, for Eisen’s story expertly imagines the great injustices committed against women in post-Liberation France. It is a hard and moving invention of historical fiction, and yet the piece is wholly Eisen’s, and everywhere she is in strong command of her language and powers. Those of you who have not read it…go. Do it now. It’s in Issue No. 9 (Sept. 2015). Trust us, it’s worth your time.

Collaboration Horizontale


Congratulations, Erica! We’ll see you in 2017, when you are due to appear in our first quadrennial Issue of Champions!

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