Nathan Susnik

Nathan Susnik
Issue No. 9 – September 2015

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Canon Eos 55D w/ 18-135mm lens

“Berlin is a city of extremes, caught somewhere between the East and the West, communism and capitalism, rich and poor, politics and art, misery and ecstasy, yet these conflicts coexist (mostly) in peace. I found this street art, set upon the backdrop of the old East Berlin television tower, to be a perfect representation of the city’s internal strife. The art is already gone and the artist is, unfortunately, unknown.”

Nathan Susnik is a biomedical researcher currently living near Hanover, Germany. A product of the Wisconsin public school system, performing only his Ph.D. abroad, he writes stories and takes photographs as a temporary escape from scientific logic. Other than pictomicrographs, these are his first published photographs.

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