Founded in Denver, Colorado in 2013, Buffalo Almanack is an attempt to dredge the online arts journal — as saturated an endeavor as any these days — from the morass of clinical snobbishness. We don’t care if our contributors hold fine arts degrees or just okay arts degrees no arts degrees at all, and we sure as hell don’t care if our readers do. Our lone desire is to showcase talent to the world, regardless of how that talent finds us.


As such, Buffalo Almanack considers fiction of all styles and genres. We neither discriminate against the traditional nor the experimental, neither the “literary” nor the fantastic. Our interest in domestic micro-fiction is as great as our interest in space-travel novellas and we’ll always save a seat for the remarkable and unexpected.

What then are we looking for? Well, we’re looking for greatness. We’re looking for rich and confident prose, for stories that make us believe we’ll never read better. We’re looking for plot, for character, for setting, for diction. We’re looking for a writer’s best because the world deserves their best and we know they’ve got what it takes to deliver.

Concerning the visual arts, we invest in a diverse range of subjects and styles, and welcome submissions from each and every medium under the sun. We are attracted foremost to strong composition, skilled technical craft and assertive authorial presence. We want art that tells stories, whether through a single frame or a broader narrative series. We want art that makes us ask questions, that leads us to wish we had been there behind the brush, pencil or camera ourselves.


Buffalo Almanack is in it for the long haul. We pledge to maintain operations in perpetuity, ceasing publication only in the event of global disaster or the heat death of the universe. Should we ever close up shop for any reason, we promise to publicly archive all past stories and artworks for decades to come. We will not vanish into the night and we will not take your art down the Memory Hole with us. This is our No-Fold Guarantee.


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