Mia Avramut

Mia Avramut
Issue No. 7 – March 2015

First Snow

Wax on clayboard

“I come from two worlds, which some insist on calling ‘Old’ and ‘New.’ My visual work — in acrylic, encaustic, ink, or mixed media — is an amalgam of recollections, glimpses, and observations of each. This particular work, which I call ‘First Snow,’ is a European memory, born out of my fascination with encaustic, the ancient medium of wax: The way it flows, captures the moment as if in amber, and ultimately reflects the light in a unique manner. The suggestion of tree bark stems from a dream of birch trees in the Ruhr valley, and from an affinity for Russian literature and film.

I used layering, carving, and scraping techniques to render the fragmented image of a landscape behind the curtain of snow.  The resulting atmosphere and texture illustrate how versatile a vehicle wax can be, and how powerful in preserving and revealing images that would otherwise remain unseen.”

Mia AvramutMia Avramut is a Romanian-American writer and artist who worked in laboratories and autopsy rooms from Pittsburgh to San Francisco. Her artwork has recently appeared or is forthcoming in Prick of the Spindle, saltfront, Knicknackery, Bookends Review and Up the Staircase Quarterly. She lives in Essen, Germany.

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