Julian Jackson

Julian Jackson
Issue No. 10 – December 2015

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Nikon D7100 with 28-105mm Nikon and Lensbaby lenses

“We had been living in Thailand for over a month when we went to Cambodia to tour the Angkor Archaeological Park. During the month in Thailand I had taken several dozen photos of Buddhist monks in and around several temples. At Ta Prahm, walking among the mazes of fallen pillars, we found three young monks with the sun behind their backs. The sun gave them a glow that my camera couldn’t ignore.

I’d already taken dozens of photos of monks in and around the ruins, but these three stood out. After taking the photos we went our separate ways among the ruins and I continued to amass a large count of photos of the Angkor ruins. Months later, after working on a couple of large projects, I came across the beatific smile of one of the boy monks. A halo seemed to emanate from behind his head, which made the photo perfect. The smile brought me back to those special days exploring the ruins of the Khmer civilization of Cambodia.”

Julian Jackson’s recent photography has centered on Southeastern Asian subject matter from Angkor Wat to the northern gardens of Thailand to the Great Wall of China. He specializes in street photography, with a flair for putting locals at ease when capturing their dynamic images. Julian currently lives in the northern Chinese city of Shenyang, Liaoning, where he is often found tooling about the city with his camera.

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