Juliane Eirich

Juliane Eirich
Issue No. 5 – September 2014

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Juliane Eirich knew Japan already from previous visits, when she returned in the summer of 2011 in order to work there. But this time things were much different. A few months earlier the earthquake had destroyed the Fukushima nuclear power plant. The enthusiasm and curiosity for the foreign country mingled with a subliminal feeling of fear and threat.


With mixed emotions the photographer took residence in a beautiful old country house in the subtropical south of Japan. By bike she explored the Itoshima region and collected new impressions, by day and by night, in the countryside and in the cities, in sultry heat, pouring rain and storm.


With Deserted landscapes and cityscapes, houses, trees, cars, interiors and everyday objects Juliane Eirich forms a kaleidoscope of barely interpretable impressions. It’s all about the question, how environment and nature shape the way of life and culture and how people in return shape and cultivate nature and arrange themselves.


The great care and precision Juliane Eirich invests choosing and photographing her motives give proof of the unconditional interest in the things and the urge to sharpen her senses in dialogue with them and learn more. It pays to follow her on this journey.”

Juliane EirichJuliane Eirich’s photographs have been exhibited in many countries and featured in publications including The New York Times Magazine, ZEIT Magazine and European Photography. She has worked for clients such as PRADA, Adidas, Daimler and BMW. She is represented by Gallery f5,6 in Munich. Selected works are available at Bruce Silverstein in New York, 20×200 and Gallery Stock. Her first book was just published with Peperoni Books, Berlin.

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