The Inkslinger Award


Johnny Inkslinger: creepy folklore man,
imagined patron of the Almanack.

lesser-known element of the famed Paul Bunyan legend, Johnny Inkslinger served as Bunyan’s office clerk and bookkeeper. To keep up with the demands of his boss’s outsized work, Inkslinger invented a heavy-duty fountain pen, which drew its ink from a barrel-tap and hose.

Buffalo Almanack is pleased to have established the Inkslinger Award for Creative Excellence in his honor. This award is issued to the best short story and individual visual art piece of each issue, as selected by our editors. The cash prize as of now is $50 per winner, though this amount may be raised in the future as more funds becomes available.

There are no fees required for entry into the Inkslinger sweepstakes and all submissions to Buffalo Almanack are automatically in the running. Winners are notified shortly before the release of their respective issue and are recognized on the Buffalo Almanack website, as well as in the pages of our digital journal. A pair of money orders will be delivered to the winners via the U.S.P.S. sometime during that same month.


September 2013
Comfort, Ian Riggins
Photography, Emily McBride

December 2013
The Hook and the Haymaker, Jared Yates Sexton
Photography, Natasha Zoghlin

March 2014
A Tank Without a Gun, Joseph Lucido
Photography, Kellye Eisworth

March 2015
Fishtown, Down, Michael Deagler
Photography, Justin Hamm

September 2015
Collaboration Horizontale, Erica X Eisen
Illustration, Tamar Hammer

March 2016
Family Business, AN Block

June 2014
The Parlay, Andy Bailey
Photography, Enrique Pelaez

September 2014
What the Sea Brings, Katherine Forbes Riley
Photography, Ana Prundaru

December 2014
…Jenny McCreary, Chris Vanjonack
Photography, Roberto Bettacchi

June 2015
Shadowboxing, Matthew Duffus
Photography, Kevin Michael Klipfel

December 2015
Forty-two Reasons, Haris Durrani
Photography, Marcus Mamourian

June 2016
Incredible Lifelike Whale…, Gen Del Raye
Photography, Bruce Louis Dodson


September 2016
If You Lived Here, Judith Day
Photography, Ziggy Reed

The Hook and the Haymaker, Jared Yates Sexton
2014 The Parlay, Andy Bailey
2015 Collaboration Horizontale, Erica X Eisen

Illustration credit: “Introducing Mr. Paul Bunyan of Westwood, California,” William B. Laughead, William B. Laughead Papers, 1897-1958.

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