A Few Glimpses of a Witch

Laura Kraay
Issue No. 10 – December 2015

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Pigma Sensei pens and Koi watercolors on paper

“This piece incorporates the unusual with the everyday. I have found that people I initially perceived to be different than myself share some, if not many, common traits. This piece hopes to capture those small, yet important, connections. (Of course, with a twist.)

To create this piece, I used my beloved set of Pigma Sensei pens.  I treated myself to a set of Koi Watercolors. When I bought them, the craft store worker expressed concern that I would spend over $30 on “just watercolors”. Thankfully, I offset the cost because many years ago, I acquired over 50 paintbrushes at a yard sale for under a dollar.”


Laura Kraay is originally from Holland, Michigan. She’s currently working on her MFA at Texas State University. Her work has also been published by Hobart.


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