George Grubb

George Grubb
Issue No. 4 – June 2014

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Canon EOS 5D Mark II

“In absurdity, there is clarity. Thus, this project’s premise uses a unique approach to raise awareness of a well published problem; the need for greater conservation efforts to protect endangered wildlife. Having traveled to every continent photographing threatened wildlife, the Artist sets in juxtaposition, his wildlife imagery into New York City scenes and asks…’If we cannot protect our wildlife in their environments, where can they be safe?’ With each pigment ink print, a summary is provided of that species survival challenges as noted from the IUCN’s Red List. Most viewers recognize the topic of wildlife conservation, but few recognize the gravity of it.”

George GrubbGeorge Grubb is the creator of “New York City Wildlife,” an absurdist composite project that mashes up the NYC landscape with the wildest of animals to better illustrate “the need for…conservation efforts to protect our endangered wildlife.”

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