Enrique Pelaez

Enrique Pelaez
Inkslinger Award Winner
Issue No. 4 – June 2014

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“My photography is mainly about expressing the world we all live in when we close our eyes and see. Dreams, fears, loved ones, angels, demons, hopes, flowers, faces, ethereal landscapes and seascapes are all recurrent topics in my work that I believe are part of this collage we create in our own private, internal world.

Black and White is my favorite way to express my art basically because I believe this medium is ‘the perfect lie.’ In other words, a monochrome image in my view creates a parallel, alternative reality that is more suitable to closely reproduce people’s internal realities.”

Enrique PelaezEnrique Pelaez has been a fine arts photographer since 2005. His passion for photography began as a hobby, but his creations have since been seen by millions of people around the globe.

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