Editors’ Note, June 2015

cameraEditors’ Note
Issue No. 8 – June, 2015
June 15, 2015

Like most young, fresh-faced editors, we entered into this endeavor back in March of 2013 with a commitment to doing things differently. Mind you, we were not then are not now exactly sure what “differently” means. There are, after all, only so many ways to deliver text through the internet. Yet we were certain that there must remain some unexplored avenues toward a better litmag experience, and we’ve worked ever since to search out those pathways wherever they might hide.

It is this ambition that underlays our No-Fold Guarantee, the most binding assurance we can offer that Buffalo Almanack, despite its current status as an online-only publication, cannot and will not vanish from the face of the internet, as so many past journals have. Our emphasis on the visual arts too distinguishes us, as does our Featured Artist series, which serves to open a wider array of world-class art to our readers, including up-and-coming supernovas like this issue’s welcomed guest, Matt Black.

Yet we find that for all our silly ideas and love of innovation, it is our contributors – veterans all of the submission and publication rat race – who best understand the blind spots of the litmag world. And more and more we’re dismayed to hear that they themselves are the blind spots.

Write, sub, publish, so long. Wham bam, thank you ma’am. There’s rarely any kind of relationship formed between author and journal, which is a true shame considering that our artists are the very foundation of our work. For as much as it may appear that we are the ones granting them a platform, in truth it is the other way around. There is no magazine without our artists. There is no Buffalo Almanack without our Buffalo Alumni.

Hence our newest feature, which grants past contributors the opportunity to inform us of their more recent achievements. It’s a small offering, we know. But it’s more than most litmags offer, and we hope it might allow our readers a bit more access to the total bodies of work our artists bring to the table.

We encourage you to flip to the back of this issue and see what some of our past fictioneers are up to – then come back in September for a visit with our finest alumni in the visual arts! #BuffaloNation is strong and growing stronger, but we’re nothing without our artists, past – present – and for all those avenues yet unexplored.

All the best,
Maxine and Katie

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