Editors’ Note, December 2014

cameraEditors’ Note
Issue No. 6 – December, 2014
December 15, 2014

It’s sometimes said that a writer’s greatest fear is the blank page, the uncertain multitude of creation, the words not yet said. Writers are, of course, like craftsmen, stone-carvers or woodworkers or really, freakily intense Lego builders – they take from the void and give us back a sliver of their spirit.

Yet writers also sometimes take from their spirit and give to the void, transforming their art into a platform for mourning or grief, for the abscess of the heart that forms when something that was once a part of our lives is lost and gone from the earth forever.

All four of this issue’s short stories are in some ways stories of loss, narratives cast in negative space. Whether they tell of dead lovers, failed marriages, broken dishes or lapsed sobriety, they are united in their capacity for expressing the most painful human emotions in ways that are, despite themselves, humorous and uplifting all the same.

Our fiction contributors are bolstered in this aim by the nineteen high-res images that accompany them on these pages, including the dark, conceptual magic of featured photographer Sarah Ann Loreth. Taken all together, we believe, they form a strong and moving edition of our beloved magazine.

Please take the time to read, wonder and explore as we have. The winter months are cold, dreary and full of loss, but we hope Issue No. 6 might prove an inspiring gain in your holiday reading.

All the best,
Max and Katie

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