Editors’ Note, September 2014

cameraEditors’ Note
Issue No. 5 – September, 2014
  September 15, 2014

One of the most challenging balances an editor must strike comes in divvying up space between emerging artistic voices and those who find themselves already established among online, regional, national or even global audiences. For one full year now (!!) we have dedicated Buffalo Almanack to the purpose of shining a light on previously unheard voices: those too raw, too weird, or too unlucky to have found exposure or financial compensation elsewhere. Yet we also owe it to our own audience to provide them with the strongest art and artists we can find. Sometimes there’s a nifty overlap between those two classifications. Sometimes the last big thing, or the next big thing, or the current big thing comes to us. And sometimes we have to cheat.

Our new “Featured Photographer” series is our attempt to cheat, in the name of publishing truly unbeatable, unparalleled vision in the field of the visual arts. We asked this issue’s Featured Photographers, Juliane Eirich and Ben Marcin, to re-print their best gallery work with us, and in turn to share their unique purviews with all of Buffalo Nation. This does not elevate them above our unsolicited photographers, Ms. Prundaru and Mr. DeVos. If anything, it speaks to the diversity of talent in the photographic world, and the number of fresh personalities who enter this field every day. In splitting our publication between solicited and unsolicited artists, we work to ensure that future issues of Buffalo Almanack may stand as truly representative of the contemporary face of the photographic arts, and give a little spotlight to everyone who has earned it.

All the best,
Max and Katie

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