Chrystal Berche

Chrystal Berche
Issue No. 3 – March 2014

Chrystal Berche

Canon T3i Rebel, with Canon EF 75-300mm f/4-5.6 III Telephoto Lens

“Mushrooms are a favorite subject of mine to take pictures of as well as sketch and these in particular were taken to use as inspiration for designing mushroom houses in 3ds max. What really struck me that day was the way the light fell across them and I found myself thinking of fairies as I moved around the group of mushrooms taking pictures from different angles. It always amazes me to see the places that mushrooms grow and how unique each one is. The closer I get to them while taking photographers, the more details I’ve come to notice.  I’ve found myself inspired to learn more about the mushrooms that grow here in my state of Iowa, after capturing images such as this one.”

Chrystal BercheChrystal Berche dabbles, and somewhere in those dabbles blossom ideas that take shape into images. She loves to take pictures, especially out in the woods, where she can sit on a rock or a log and wait quietly, jotting notes for stories until something happens by. A free spirit, Chrystal digs in dirt, dances in rain and chases storms, all at the whim of her muses.

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