Bruce Bales

Bruce Bales
Issue No. 6 – December 2014

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Canon EOS Rebel XS N

“When I make a photograph I want something to hold on to. 35mm film allows me to have not only memories, but also physical copies. My work with film is focused on taking an environment out of its context and into another. I chase the decayed, the concealed, and the forgotten. I want my viewers to remember, while simultaneously making new memories. I want those who see my photographs to hold on to something less fleeting than the moment.”

Bruce BalesBruce Bales is able to see things from all angles. In the blink of a second Bruce will have already surrounded his subject, imagining it from all vantage points and deciding where to click his shutter. His eye for photography is that of an eagle’s stalking the shores of the Mississippi in the dead of winter. Just as the eagle must hunt, it is out of necessity that Bruce makes photographs.

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