Andrew Schroeder

Andrew Schroeder
Issue No. 2 – December 2013

Andrew Schroeder

Canon A-1 35mm

“This photo emerged out of a larger collaborative project I started with fellow artist and writer Eireann Lorsung. We were having lunch in Little Tokyo in Los Angeles and found this Japanese notebook titled “The Daily Petty Life” which seemed like such an invitation to make art about the forms and rituals of everyday life.  While I was packing up my belongings for a move from LA to Milwaukee, I noticed these strangely satisfying formal arrangements of quotidian objects emerge. With an awareness of how images of “authentic” living are disseminated on the internet, where aesthetics trumps just about every concern, this series of photos pokes sly fun at the tendency to document and catalog one’s life and at the ways in which that tendency creeps into our lives.”

Andrew SchroederAndrew Schroeder is an interdisciplinary artist currently living in Milwaukee, Wisconsin. He holds a MFA in printmaking and photography from the University of Minnesota. His work has focused on ideas such as the dialog of space and place and the ways these concepts melt together to shape everyday life.

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