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What’s the old saying? A buffalo never forgets?
Publishing with Buffalo Almanack isn’t just a fantastic way to share your art with the public, it also marks you as a proud lifelong sister or brother in our big, sexy litmag family. On this page we check in with our past contributors to see what kind of accomplishments they’ve secured in the time since they appeared in our magazine.

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Issue No. 12 Updates (June, 2016)

KANYA KANCHANA (Photographer)
I am an emerging poet, writer, and translator. In addition to Buffalo Almanack, my work has appeared in Asymptote Journal, The Common, and Hobart and is forthcoming in Paper Darts, TrinityJoLT, Aldus Journal, and Circumference.

I am also an itinerant practitioner/teacher of yoga and founder of a non-profit that develops community yoga programs for women, children, and those with special needs, often in remote or rural areas.

NATHAN LAUER (Author, “Versus)
I have three short fiction pieces pending publication. “We’re All As Mad As Hatters Here” will be published in the Singapore-based literary journal The Eloquent Orifice, available 15 July. “The Conqueroh Wohm” will be published in the Western-Massachusetts-based-and-focused literary journal Meat For Tea: The Valley Review this summer—I don’t have the publication date. “Colony” has been selected for publication in the U/Dystopia-themed 2016 Hong Kong Writers Circle anthology Hong Kong Future Perfect, probably coming out in Spring 2017. All very geographically-oriented work, now that I see it written down.

Just last month I sent my first (and hopefully the only one needed) batch of formal queries to literary agents seeking their services in marketing my novel Fairwood for publication. It is the story of an Indonesian woman forced by circumstances into sex-work and the American who hires her as a full-time live-in concubine. It is either a cutting critique of neoliberal economic policy as the latest manifestation of heart-of-darkness colonialism, or it is a middle-aged white man’s unseemly masturbatory fantasy. Sometimes I am deeply ashamed of myself.

I’m currently working at MoMA PS1 and Company Gallery in New York City, and I also help at a small press called Wonder, with forthcoming publications by Kevin Killian and Juliana Huxtable. I just recently put out a chapbook, edited and designed by myself and my friend Alec Mapes-Frances, called Wes Craven Sonata, which includes some poems by myself and by many other talented writers from the Brown/RISD community in Rhode Island. Other than that I’m drinking a lot of water and trying to adapt to adult-life.

DANIEL RIDDLE RODRIGUEZ (Author, “Rules of the Game”)
Thanks for reaching out! I do have a little bit of news: Word Riot published a flash piece of mine in the current issue; my chapbook, Low Village, is now available (CutBank 2016); Nomadic Press will be releasing another chapbook of mine in the Fall (titled Low Village: Rules of the Game), and it includes the story Buffalo Almanack published in December; and finally, Glassworks will be publishing a flash piece in the Fall as well. That’s about it, really. Other than my one-year wedding anniversary is coming up next month! Yip! So yeah, it’s been a pretty good couple of months.

CADY VISHNIAC (Author, “Sad Duppy, Dermis Changeling”)
I’ve recently won the short story contests at Mid-American Review and New Millennium, so I suppose that’s news!


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